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Win Two Tickets to see Paul, Apostle of Christ in Theaters, March 23rd!

*This post was sponsored by LEV3L Digital in conjunction with Sony/Affirm Films. I received 2 tickets in exchange for promoting the film. All thoughts are my own.*

From the studio that brought us Risen and War Room, comes a movie about two men whose faith challenged an empire and their words changed the world. Paul, Apostle of Christ, is the first theatrical feature film about the life of Paul, though next to Jesus, James Faulkner plays Paul, the man who went from being the most notorious persecutor of the Church to its most powerful proponent among the nations outside Judea. In his first Biblical role since portraying Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel brings to life the man we know as Luke. Together, they story of Paul and Luke reminds us that evil is all around us, but that love is the only answer.

The makers of Paul, Apostle of Christ have used only the Bible as their reference in making this movie, They strived to make the movie biblically accurate. I am so excited about this movie because other than obviously Jesus, Paul is my favorite out of the Bible. His story of transformation and redemption is one that is available to everyone. His life showed the power and love of a God who loves us, even though we do not deserve it.  No one is outside of the availability of God’s grace and mercy. We all have sinned and fallen short. Even though, there was persecution, there was the opportunity to persevere. We all can be like Paul. We all can be redeemed.

Watch this trailer and see what awaits you on March 23rd.

Because of the persecution that was endured by both Paul and Luke, this movie is rated PG-13 for some violent content and disturbing images. As this is an account of true events, as a mother, I would highly suggest that you preview the movie before allowing your younger children to see it.

In partnership with LEV3L Digital, two tickets (promo codes) from Fandango are being given away! In addition to the giveaway, future posts will have some awesome content that will get you prepared for the movie and for Easter.

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