My Top 10 Posts of 2015

My Top 10 Posts of

Can you believe that another year has come and gone? Where did 2015 go to?

When I look back on 2015 and my top 10 blog posts, there seems to be a recurring theme that many of you were seeking. You wanted to read about things that had to do with faith, helping others, being connected, and harmony. You also had a few that were just good old, yummy recipes! In the new year, look for much more of those types of posts. I am going to be blogging more about how you can redefine harmony and bring it into all areas of your lives. I am so excited about what the new year will bring.

Are you ready to look back? I am!

#1.  HGTV’s FIxer Upper, Joanna Gaines Shares Her Story of Faith

In this post, I shared a video I found of my favorite designer, Joanna Gaines from the show Fixer Upper. She shares about her life story and her faith. I am an avid Chip and JoJo fan, and I think from the numbers who have viewed this post, it is safe to bet that many of you are too. In 2016, look for posts from me that have been “inspired” by Joanna. One day I will have a house that looks like she designed it. One day.

#2.  It’s Our Turn: Praying for Mark

When it was announced that the leading singer and founder of the group, Casting Crowns was having major surgery, I wrote this post to rally his fans. I have found strength through his music and it seemed fitting that his fans should give back to him when he needed strength.

#3.  Easy to Make Ninja Banana Bread

For the second year in a row, my Ninja Banana Bread recipe has earned a spot in the Top Ten! Once you taste this bread, you will understand why it is so popular.

#4.  The Top 7 Signs You Are a Mom

If you have ever put the milk away in the cabinet, or something similar to that, this is the post for you. There is something that happens to you when you become a mom. Maybe it’s being overtired. Maybe it’s the multi-tasking. Whatever it is, moms share alot of the same stories.

#5.  Help a SC Petting Zoo Devastated by Recent Flooding

Here in the Charleston, South Carolina area, we suffered what was called The 1000 Year Flood. Some places fared better than others. Our house was spared, but many businesses and homes were not. One such business is a favorite field trip spot of ours called Bee City. It is an educational facility and petting zoo. The zoo needed help in order to rebuild and I asked my readers to help donate, and donate you did. I cannot thank you enough for helping them!

#6.  Super Easy Homemade Ninja Ranch Dressing Recipe

Another recipe that so many of you liked. After reading the labels on the dressing we were using in our house and discovering lots of ingredients I could not pronounce, I decided to try my hand at my own. Not only did it taste great, but I also made a version with chipotle peppers that my husband and my sister absolutely love.

#7.  Oceans, Walking on Water and Legos: The Bible Study

This is a post that was inspired by a favorite song and my childrens’ love for anything Legos. It seemed like a natural fit to have them recreate the story of Jesus walking on water with their Legos, and being able to include the song, was an added plus.

#8.   Homeschooling in Disney World: Animal Kingdom Style

Another 2nd year post! As an avid Disney World fan and Disney mom blogger on my other blog MamaMouse, I shared in this post about how we used a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom as an educational opportunity. In fact, most of what we do in Disney World, I can tie into educational activities.

#9.   A Simple Lesson from Linus: It’s Not About Red Cups

A post inspired by the whole Starbucks Red Cup controversy. I still think we have so many other things to worry about and I never quite understood the big deal about it.

#10. I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Timehop

I think this post probably resonated with many of you. It always seems like we have time, but then we find out that time has passed so quickly. The introduction of the Timehop app has been a welcome addition to my day in many respects. But there are also days when I am reminded of how short time is and of the sadder moments.

2015 has been a wild ride. Heartbreaking moments and heart-filling moments. I thank each and every one of you who has come to my blog and supported me. I met new people who I am am now blessed to call friends.

To all of you…I wish all of you a blessed, healthy, and beautiful new year!


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