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Faithful Friday- Sometimes Progress Means Going Backwards

Faithful Friday Progress

Today’s Faithful Friday is one that I have come to realize recently. Sometimes progress means going backwards. But how can you have progress if you go back in the direction you came from? The answer is dependent on the reason behind why you need to go in reverse.

Take for instance something as simple and commonplace as a child who is learning long division. The child is trying her best, making little bits of progress, but never quite getting to the point where she feels satisfied with the new skill. No matter how hard she tries, it just doesn’t stick. Something about the whole process seems off. It doesn’t quite work out right. She knows the process, but something is missing. That’s when she realizes (or a teacher) that the problem isn’t her knowledge of how to work the problem out. The issue is that she needs to go backwards, to revisit the task she was given before long division even was taught. Multiplication. Once she goes back, masters the multiplication, the long division process seems to flow. It now makes sense. All the pieces fit together. So for that young girl, going backwards meant forward progress.

Fast forward to today. I have been blogging on Guard the Door since 2013. I knew from the beginning that God gave me the idea to speak about faith, marriage, and families. For a long time, that is what I did. Then, just like the division problem, I got lost in the midst of it all. I thought I was progressing, but I kept hitting roadblocks. So, I would change things up and try again. And again. And again. Finally, I thought I had found the solution. And then it was like the quote from one of my favorite movies, Say Anything popped into my head.

All I can say is, go back.

Well what does go back mean? And why would I?

So, I decided I would. In the blogging world, that meant to go back to my very first post. Before my pictures were pretty thanks to sites like Canva. Before I had a clue about making websites look nice. Before I knew about pixelated pictures and how to work social media. The first post, Who Sent Me Here?

It reminded me of my why. I resonated with me. Nothing I said in that post was not true today. In fact, it was even more true after living through more hills and valleys than I care to remember. And that is when I realized. For me to go forward, I would have to go in reverse. Sometimes progress means going backwards. After taking it all into account, I realized that I was never too far from my tagline of faith, family, & fun. The only part missing was freedom. The knowledge that true freedom is to be yourself, to live abundantly, to enjoy our families, and to have fun, and that it only comes from one place. The One who gave me this blog.

So now, I present to you, on this Faithful Friday, the new, yet old Guard the Door.


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Faithful Friday Progress


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